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Fee Schedule


In-Office Review of Documents, Drafting of Reports & Consultation with Attorney: $650.00/hour

Testimony and Services Outside the Office: $750.00 /hour

There is a minimum charge of $3,750.00 for any time reserved for deposition testimony (Payment is to be made 3 days prior to the deposition). Any time exceeding 5 hours will be charged hourly ($750/hour).

There is a minimum charge of $7,500 per day for time reserved for Court testimony (Payment is to be made ten days in advance of the court appearance). Any time exceeding 10 hours will be charged hourly ($750/hour).

*We reserve the right to adjust our hourly rates from time to time. We customarily review and adjust our rates each January 1 and July 1 to reflect inflation and other economic factors.


1. Fees: Fees will be charged for the time spent in testifying, as well as for preparation, waiting and travel time. When travel is required to provide professional services outside the San Francisco Bay area, an entire day is set aside in the schedule. If return travel occurs on the same day services are provided, an extra half day will be charged. All services outside the office are billed portal to portal.

2. Advance Payment: For service outside the office, portal-to-portal expenses, including transportation, lodging, meals (with a minimum per diem of $350) must be received ten (10) working days in advance of the date reserved.

3. Cancellation of Reserved Time: If notification of cancellation occurs less than three working days prior to reserved time scheduled for professional services, you will be billed for the time reserved.

4. Late Payment: Payments are due upon receipt of monthly billing statements for services. Any unpaid charges will incur a finance charge of 1.0% per month. It is agreed that Dr. Firestone may stop providing services if the account is not current.

5. Retainer: A retainer of $7,500.00 must be provided at the outset of services. These funds are applicable to the final bill for services or refunded if account is current and paid in full. If services are anticipated to exceed the retainer during a period of increased activity in the case, additional retainer funds will be requested.

6. All incurred expenses are the retaining attorney's responsibility; copies and computer printouts are billed at $0.50 per page; travel by car is billed at $0.60 per mile.


I/we have read the above fee schedule and payment policies, agree that they are fair and reasonable, and will comply with the terms noted herein.


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Date:               Attorney                                             Client's Name:


Print Attorney Name, Law Firm Name and Address

This agreement with the attorney retaining these serves. Please return this signed agreement with the requested retainer prior to services being provided. We ask that you make a copy of this agreement for your client's file.